Marilyn Anne Pate
Writer, Author, Teacher
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Marilyn Anne Pate

Marilyn is a fifth generation westerner, born in Phoenix,
and raised in Arizona and New Mexico.
After marrying a Navy man, they lived on both east and west coasts, Hawaii and Japan.
She earned a history BA from Sophia University, Tokyo.
Now living in San Diego, California, she enjoys family, writing, and teaching.

Mary George, Her Book
Historical Fiction by: Marilyn Anne Pate
Publisher: PublishAmerica; October 30, 2006
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Mary George, Her Book - Front Cover
Journey through time and space in 1885 with Mary George. Be on the wagon train as her family travels from Utah to Arizona and New Mexico. Watch as her mother descends into madness and demands more and more of her only daughter. Enjoy her growing friendship with Captain Jack, the guide, and experience her despair when he’s murdered. She is befriended by Grandma Burntwater, a Navajo wise woman who understands her despair. Feel her terror when a drunken Apache kidnaps her, her joy when a notorious cattle rustler/outlaw rescues her. Be there when Tom meets Mary and sees beyond the overalls and ragged leather jacket. He knows she is the love of his life, but he must fight for her. Mary’s father hates Tom and his defiant polygamous mother. Watch Mary gather the courage to break the silken bonds of love and responsibility in order to live life on her own terms.

Everyday Evil
Even when forgiven, abuse is never forgotten.
My Memoir
Author: Marilyn Anne Pate
Publisher: Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc.; July 2009
Available through 
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc.
Dec. 2011 - Now Available in Kindle
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Everyday Evil - Front CoverA storm lived in the bungalow on Second Street in Tucson, Arizona. No one knew about the midnight screaming fights between the police officer and his charming second wife except three terrified children.
Everyday Evil is my story of loss, despair, and abuse -- physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual. It is also about triumph over all evil, regaining, rebuilding the treasure of family love.
More damaging than the physical trauma was the absence of support, interest or encouragement. I was on my own to navigate the maze of his ego and my stepmother's depression. I bounced around like a ping-pong ball while trying to grow up and make sense of my life.
With the love of my devoted husband, the help of mental health professionals and my belief in a higher power, I learned to accept and deal with my anger.
When my father died I didn't cry for him.
I cried for the wasted years, love offered but rebuffed.

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